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CH. KATAR SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is one of the pioneer institutions of Haryana engaged in the task of preparing teachers.

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Our Speciality

  • Science Lab

    The Science Laboratories are becoming items better and better valued within educational institutions since the functions and possibilities they offer are much higher than the ones in the traditional teaching-learning system

  • Library

    One of the greatest assets of any educational institutional is the treasure of books. CH. KATAR SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION has a spacious library with 150 comfortable seating capacity, more than 6416 professional books, journals and periodicals both national and international, bound volumes of old journals and periodicals, audio video materials, learning CDs, Newspapers and Magazines which is easily accessible to the faculty and students..

  • Computer Lab

    The campuses are equipped with Wi-Fi to provide connectivity to the students as well as faculty members. The IT facilities are fed with fibreoptics and are supported by multiple IBM servers to ensure all round connectivity. Besides, frequent IT workshops and seminars keep students and faculty abreast with latest technological advancements. IT Facilities are available for Students to browse information on the web during their project works, care studies, seminars and other presentations, the facility.

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